Topic Tuesday: Richard Mourdock

So, whether you’re a news or politics junkie like me or not, I’m sure you’ve heard about his rape comment.

Here’s what I think.

I think he meant what he said.  I think he honestly believes that God means for everything to happen and that would mean that God means for rape, child abuse, car accidents, etc. to happen.   In his defense, this is a major Christian belief.  When someone says, “Everything happens for a reason,” that’s what they’re saying.

Now, honestly I disagree with this thought process.  I believe that God can control everything in this world but the Bible says that we were given free will and we are sinners so (to me) that means that we are going to make mistakes and even do bad, even terrible things.

That does mean that God knows what is happening and chooses not to intervene.  God could make us all do good all of the time but that would take away our free will and with out free will be can never choose Him.

I do believe that God USES the things that happen in our lives for His good if we let Him.  I know that He has taken what happened to me as a child and used it to make me the child advocate that I am today.  He has used it to give me a depth of understanding that someone who hasn’t dealt with those things can’t really have.  He uses me to bless others.

So to Richard Mourdock I say, “If it’s what you believe then be honest.”

To those that condemn him for saying it, “It’s okay for you to disagree with someone.  It is NOT okay for you to belittle them or be hateful to them for their views.”

My prayer is that someday we can have conversations in-which people disagree with one another and can still show one another respect and kindness.


What are your thoughts about Mr. Mourdock’s statement?