Holiday Traditions

So, on the way home from Church this morning the boys and I were listening to the all Christmas music channel.  That song about Mommy kissing Santa came on and I started to think.

1.) How upsetting that would actually be to witness your parent in a romantic embrace with someone beside your other parent, assuming they are together of-course.


2.) What are people’s holiday traditions?  Things in our world have changed so much and people from many different backgrounds are joining together so what traditions are being kept and what new ones are being made?

3.)What is your favorite Christmas holiday tradition from your childhood?  From your adult life (so far)?

4.) How do you deal with family and get-togethers?

5.) Of-course that brings me to the not so holiday related question:  How do you keep your extended family close or do you not?  That question came up over Thanksgiving as my sister-in-law and I talked about our families and extended families.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. First, I knew question number 1 was coming as soon as I read your intro! Lol! I would say it would be quite shocking and confusing. 2-3 We have traditions with our kids – ornament making, candy/cookie making, Jesus birthday party, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas day in our Pj’s and night get-together with friends and family. (Just a side note – the Jones crew did not attend last year though they were invited, invitation extends to this year also. 🙂 ) Favorite as a child was Christmas at my great-grandparents. Favorite now is Christmas morning with my kids. And Elf provides a month of fun before the big day. 🙂 4-5 We do not have extended family get-togethers, so I guess I can’t answer these two. 🙂

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