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Just a quick note:  I wrote this back in October and for some reason didn’t publish it.

Okay!  Today’s topic is the news anchor Jennifer Livingston and the email that made her mad.  The thing for me is that I do think the email writer is right.  We want to think that our body image isn’t important but it is.  When our children see that we don’t take care of ourselves they could be getting the message that it isn’t important.  Kids with obese parents are incredibly likely to become obese as well.

That said, that isn’t my topic for today.  Mrs. Livingston states that her emailer is a bully because he privately suggested to her (in said email) that she should be a better roll model for young girls today by being healthier.  I don’t think that’s being a bully.  As a matter-of-fact, I think we throw around the word BULLY so much now that it’s used to explain anytime someone says something to us that we don’t like.

A BULLY is someone that gains control of his/her victim through fear.  Was this news reporter afraid for her safety or well being?  I doubt it.  We need to stop bullying for real and that starts with identifying when it really is happening.  Kids calling names is not new or rare.  We have to teach them that it’s mean but it isn’t bullying.  It’s like saying my daughter was raped when the guy grabbed her rear end the other day.  A rape victim would be very upset if I claimed that.  Yes it was unacceptable and yes we reported it and yes it was dealt with quickly.

Bullying is serious and there are people in this world that are truly afraid for themselves and their families right now.  There are kids that would rather kill themselves than go to another day of school.  There are adults afraid that they will loose their jobs if they complain about harassment.  Let’s not make that equal to being told you are a poor role model because you aren’t taking care of yourself.  Please.

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