What about those funny Christmas songs?

So…Like I was saying earlier, I got to thinking about that Christmas song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” as it played on the radio.  At first I smiled remembering the song from so many Christmas’ past.  My smile got bigger as I imagined some little kid sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve and see his/her parents kissing under the mistletoe.  But then I started to really think about the song’s lyrics.

What if a little kid, they’re really little remember they still believe in Santa, gets up on Christmas Eve…there’s the wonder and magic of the holiday season.  Said child is excited happy, hoping for lots of special gifts.  They tiptoe downstairs expecting to see presents and hoping for a little glimpse of Santa.  What they get is an eyeful of Mom kissing Santa which seems cute at first.  But think about it from a kid’s perspective. Their mom, who is supposed to love and adore their dad, is sneaking around and making out with a man that is supposed to be super good.  If the man wasn’t dressed as Santa we wouldn’t think the song was cute.  We only adore the song because we KNOW it’s really the kids father, but the kid doesn’t.

For me that really took the cute away.  I know that my kids would be terribly frightened and disappointed and probably a bit angry if they saw me kiss someone else besides their father the way I kiss their father.  If kids seeing their parents kiss and show affection for one another can give them such a tremendous feeling of safety and well being then how would  witnessing a parent in an adulterous act affect them?

Just saying…..