Time for the Tree

There has been a LOT of disagreement about decorating for this glorious holiday and the tree seems to be the biggest issue.  Some people feel incredibly strongly about how perfect their tree looks.  There are even professionals that you can hire!  Some people feel very strongly about whether it has to be real or fake.

Let’s start there.  Ours is fake.  I love real ones but I eventually got sick (no pun intended) of being allergic to the tree.  I couldn’t decorate it and I broke out in a rash every time I had to help my husband put it up or take it down and then there was the watering!

And so I share with you all that our entire family helps to decorate our entire house, tree included.  My kids hang all of the ornaments and have since they were little tots.  I unpack them and we talk about our special ones and how long we’ve had certain ones and who gave them to us and which family member they belong to.  There are some that belonged to my mother that I got when she passed away.  There are a few that hung on my Christmas tree when I was a child.  It’s a very long process but one of my absolute favorite traditions in our family.  It’s actually just about the only one we ALWAYS do.

Santa is not real nor has he ever been in our house.  That is for another post though.  🙂

So what say you?  Do you do the tree yourself or do your kids help?