Traditions: Here’s ours…What are yours?

Because we have moved several times during our marraiage, our holdays change depending on with whom we spend them with.  We have settled into a few “rules” if you will though.

We open gifts packages when they come in the mail.  It spreads out the gifts, giving the kids plenty of time to enjoy each one as they recieve it.  And it’s easier to remember to thank the giver quickly.

We open A gift on Christmas Eve.

We only give our kids a few presents and they have to fit into three categories: 1.) a book; 2.) a toy; 3.) something to wear; and 4.) a keepsake.  Since we don’t do Santa there is no trying to top the previous year or looking for the crazy thing the kids asked for.  Which is particularly helpful this year because the number one thing the boys said they would ask Santa for IF he really were real and magic is a suit like the Kratt brothers on PBS that changes them into cartoon characters and animals.  If you know where to get one of THOSE please send me an email!  🙂

The kids get plenty of other gifts from other people including one another so please don’t feel bad for them.  They have enough stuff already.  The most common question people that know us well is, “What ARE you going to give the kids for Christams