Police Officer Buys Boots For Homeless Man

I know it isn’t Topic Tuesday but I have seen this on the news for two days now and I just have to say something.

I honestly cried when I listened to the cop talk about helping the homeless man.  I know they were both blessed by what the cop did and so was the Arizona woman that captured it in a photo.  What a truly moving experience to witness someone doing something for someone else for no other reward expected except the joy of serving someone else.  The officer even said that he keeps the boot receipt in his bullet proof vest pocket as a reminder that other people have things worse.  He seems like an incredible man!

On this Friday in December, I am thinking about how incredibly wonderful our world truly is and how we should be thankful every day for the things that we have and the people in our lives.  We should look to serve others around us daily.  Is there a child that needs a hug or a kind word?  An elderly person that could use some help?  Maybe you could offer to take someone’s shopping cart to the cart return for them at the store.

What do you think?

One thought on “Police Officer Buys Boots For Homeless Man

  1. Okay, I thought it was ironic that the homeless man in this story was tracked down a few days later to be interviewed and he was barefooted again. The reporter asked him where his boots and socks were and the man said that they were too expensive to wear around. Someone would attack him and steal boots worht that much.

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