substitute teacher

Have you ever been a teacher?

I’ve taught pre-school but this week I officially started subbing in the schools here.  I was honestly nervous because yesterday I subbed at the high school.  That’s right!

I am short so most of the kids there are taller than me and I have heard scary things about teenagers these days.  Now my teens and their friends aren’t like those stories but there are A LOT of kids at that school!  I was worried about fights and kids swearing at me.

The District runs a pretty tight ship though and so I knew that I could call the office for help if I needed it.

The kids really were great though.  There were so many students that were helpful to me and teachers and staff that answered as many of my questions as they could.   All-in-all, It was a positive experience for me and I’m really glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it.

It was actually good.  Most of the kids were great.  I had some that were fantastic!  I had a young lady in one class that helped me big-time!  There were a few behaviour issues but mostly the kids were great and I plan to sub there again!