Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

I see that you are still acting in your own best interest.  I understand that you are afraid that if you make concessions you will loose votes and risk reelection.

Please let me assure you all that, if you let the “fiscal cliff” happen, you won’t have to worry about a reelection campaign.  If you don’t figure out how to meet your fellow congressmen/women halfway, you will not have to worry about the votes you loose.

The American people want our government representatives to work together to solve the nation’s problems.  We want you to stop looking out for yourselves and your parties and start doing what you know is RIGHT even if it’s not popular with your constituents right now.

You were elected to serve this country and that is what we want you to do.  If you don’t want to play nice then take your ball and go home so that we can get someone else to take your place in the game.

One of Your Bosses