Shame on the NRA!

The NRA should be ashamed of themselves for their part in the shootings last week!  They should really be ashamed of themselves for trying to turn this into a “arm everyone and nothing bad will ever happen again” thing.

They announced today that their solution to the school shooting is to place armed guards at the front of every school.  That’s ridiculous!

1.) Who will pay for it?  The NRA?  No.

2.) When banks had armed guards did they ever get robbed?  Yes.  Did the armed guards usually survive?  No.  Did other people get shot?  Yes.  Did the robbers usually get away?  Yes.  will armed guards keep our kids safer?  No.

3.) Would another person with a gun have kept that man away?  No.  Would that other armed person kill the gunman before he hurt anyone?  Maybe.  Maybe children would have been killed in the crossfire.

Here’s the reality:

That man was mentally ill.  You can’t stop crazy.  You can’t predict crazy.  You can’t deter crazy.  What you can do is NOT GIVE CRAZY ACCESS TO AUTOMATIC WEAPONS.

I am not saying that NO ONE should have a gun.  I think it’s important for people to be able to have guns to hunt and to make themselves feel safe (though statistics show that your weapon is more likely to be used against you then protect you but that’s your choice).  I don’t think anyone needs to have semi and automatic weapons.  The entire point of those guns is to kill people.

When people say that they don’t feel safe without a gun I say, serve in your community.  You will be helping to truly make the world a better place.  And THAT will make you safer.  Give the people around you part of yourself, your money, your time.  Take care of those that need help and when you see someone struggling, lend a hand.

All or the mass killings have been with guns and by people that needed help and didn’t get it.

If you want our children to be safer, create a truly safe world for them to live in.