How much do you know about our government?

I know that it’s been awhile since I did a Topic Tuesday but here’s something that’s been on my mind as I sub in the high school.

I know that most US citizens think that they know all about our government but I think it’s time to see just how much we actually DO know.

We all should understand how our government works, from the smallest local government to the federal government.

So, I am listing some questions here for all of us to explore.  They are questions a high school teacher asked her students to look up.  They’re bare minimum questions just to get us all thinking.  Look them up and share your discoveries in the comments here.

Let’s remember to be respectful of one another.


1.)  Who is your congressman and what Congressional district are you in?  What committees does he/she serve on?

2.) What is the role of Pro tempore and who fills that role?

3.) What is the rotation system used in the Senate?

4.) What is the committee system of Congress?