Writing has always been my first choice. It is my escape, my celebration, my expression. On a good day, I write about triumphs and heroics. On a bad day, I write about pain, strife, and a hero’s undoing.


The characters come alive every time I open a notebook or take up a pen. In one pile of notebooks, in one world, Teara is sarcastic but true, brave and firm, but always on shifting sand. Luthan is as loyal and courageous as they come; ready to leap in front of a deadly blow or to strike in defense of his friends. Takara struggles with her heritage as a warrior, her lethal talents, and her duties as an enforcer of Wolf’s Law. In another notebook – another world – Silverfern is haunted by her past, an outcast among her new comrades. In another, Mist hunts the renegades who have taken her friends. In another, Jaz fights desperately against an enemy she never imagined could really exist. In yet another, Silvia struggles to find her place among pack members who are all she has and are the one thing she fears losing, the one thing she must forget. All of these characters I have created. Each is a part of me, their stories a part of my own. Each trial they face is a reflection of my own experiences. Each new story is another version of my own.


Everyone around me – people I see every day, characters in my notebooks – is a part of my life’s story, and I am a part of theirs. Some I shape with pen and paper. Others shape me by their words and actions. All are characters, in a way, I know. Most of my characters are simply myself or others I know, renamed and slightly altered. Just like all the people around me are characters in someone else’s story, and in mine.


The question is who writes the real story? Books, movies, those stories have known creators – authors, producers, editors, directors – people. You can look below the title or on the back or watch for the credits at the end, and you’ll find the name of the person who created and shaped the story, which shows their own thoughts, experiences, and the people they know to the world.


Each and every person has his or her own story. Everyone is a character in everyone else’s stories.


Who writes everyone’s stories? Who determines the plot? Who forms the dialogue? Is it God? Is it a diminutive Wizard behind a curtain? Or is the answer simply…us?


Don’t we make our own choices? Don’t we choose the other characters in the story of our lives, for the most part? Don’t we choose how we act, how we react?


Just as I spin the stories of Teara, Luthan, Takara, Silverfern, Silvia, Jaz, and Mist, I spin my own story every day. I take another step toward revealing the master plot of my life.


I am the author of my own story, and the people around me are each the author of his or her own story. Whether we write with pen, pencil, or merely our thoughts, every person who has ever lived and ever will live is, at heart, an author.


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I'm Mrs. Kim's daughter, a sophomore in high school right now. I love to read and write. I enjoy working on computers and cars (did you know that an air bubble in your hydraulic brakes can ruin your braking completely? - until a mechanic bleeds it out, anyway). I also love dogs and horses.