Holy Week

I don’t feel like our church is giving Holy Week the reverence it deserves and here’s why.

Holy Week, TO ME, is THE most important week in the life of a Christian.  I don’t honestly believe you can be a true follower of Christ without understanding the truth of this week.

So, it makes me sad that we aren’t teaching it.  We haven’t even really talked about it.  Oh sure, we’ll talk nonstop about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and His resurrection but only on Easter Sunday.  We tell the kids, “Jesus died for you because He loves you,” all of the time.

My thing is:

Jesus didn’t just die for you.

Jesus lived His entire LIFE for you with the sole purpose of giving each one of us eternal life.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem to the cheers and praises of the people.  They poured out their hearts to Him.  They LOVED him.  But even then, He knew them.  He knew what even His most beloved would do to Him.  And yet, in He rode.

He celebrated the Passover with His disciples.  He ate with them, was scolded by them, was misunderstood by them, and was later betrayed by them.  I don’t mean only Judas either.  Knowing all of this, He stayed to fulfill His purpose…to DIE for us all.

Jesus was arrested and held up before the people.  Those very same people that cheered for Him only days before, screamed for His death!  He endured torture and humiliation and abandonment, all for US!  And He knew all along that it would happen!

On the day that Jesus was forced to carry the cross that He would later be crusified on, He was in physical pain…emotional anguish.  He had to feel the emotions that WE feel so that He could truly take our places.

He HUNG on that cross with His knees broken, and the weight of His tortured body pulling on His arms, and asked God to FORGIVE all of US for our sins as He took His last breathes!

After His death, Jesus went to Hell before He was resurrected on the third day!

That’s what Holy Week is all about. Without the understanding of the torture and horror that Jesus endured for us, Easter Sunday, His resurrection, means very little.

I understand that we don’t like to focus on the hard stuff.  We like to focus on the good stuff and Hey!  Jesus rose again!  The tomb was empty!  Right?  We focus on the resurrection and that empty tomb but they don’t tell you anything about WHY they’re important.

The way I see it, we new age Christians think the most amazing thing about Easter is the resurrection.  The way I see it is, The fact that Jesus knew all along that He would have to endure more than any other person would ever have to endure all for a bunch of people that have precious little understanding of Him and what He went through, is the true miracle.  Would you do it?