Inspired Lately?

The Tree in My BackyardI have been so incredibly busy sense I started subbing that I have spent little time breathing let alone being still enough to be inspired.  Sooooo………

Today I am taking some time to let myself be inspired!  How about you?  Want to come with me?

I went into my bathroom upstairs and looked out of the window!  The tree in my back yard has bloomed!  I don’t mean the quiet, pretty bloom it had on it yesterday, but the magnificent cascade of light, feathery, white blossoms it is literally encased in today.  it made me stop and think about what God can do in my life.

One day, I’m just a tree in bloom and the next…well, the next day I’m so beautiful that I make everyone that sees me stop int heir tracks and stare in wonder at my magnificence.

How about you?  What is inspiring you today?