I was just thinking about my photography.  I love to photograph people, especially my children.  I dislike (a lot!) those portrait photos that you get done where everyone is posed.  It doesn’t say anything about who those people are.  They could be anyone.

I have lots of favorites of my children but there is one that sits on my desk of Emily.  The one at the top of this page.  It screams who she was then.  I took that photo while she was in middle school.  A VERY difficult time in her life….  She struggled finding friends in a world where no one really knew her.  She often felt invisible to the world.  I love that it encompasses what she was going through but she is surrounded by the Glory of God.  Even though she felt invisible, she is reflected in the water.  God is encircling her with his gentle arms as she grows and learns to be who she is.

Those years were difficult but she met the girl that is now her best friend during those hard times.  They forged a friendship that has brought them this far.  I pray that they are always able to lean on one another.

“A friend loves at all times.  He is there to help when trouble comes.”  Proverbs 17:17

We are teaching that next month to the kids in church and I know that Emily knows that first hand.