Summer Fun FOR FREE!

Love the summer but hate how much it costs just to do anything fun with your kids?  Here are some great ideas to look for in your area this summer. 

Go to the Park:

Parks are great fun.  Go early in the morning (seriously!) to beat the heat and take a picnic lunch.  Head home as the heat really starts to kick in.



Lots of churches (almost every one around here) offers a free week long summer program.  Vacation Bible School is a great way for your kids to learn about the Bible in a fresh and fun way.  They’ll also meet lots of new friends.


Reading Programs:

Check out your local library and book stores.  They often run special reading programs that get your kids reading for prizes.  Libraries often offer coupons of free treats, etc. when a child completes the program. 

Barnes and Noble has a wonderful program where you keep track of the books your kid reads on a sheet of paper.  Once he/she reads eight, you bring the paper back to B&N and your child gets to choose from a list of FREE books as a reward.  Kids can do the program twice during the summer.


State Parks:

Many state parks allow you to visit for free or for a small fee.  Check them out.  Some (like ours) offer free programs for people of all ages during the summer months.  Call or check out the websites for the ones closest to you.


Spray Parks:

Check out your local parks and rec departments.  Here is Henderson, we have a FREE spray park.  Sure it isn’t as fancy as the one in Newburgh, IN. just across the river but it is free and it’s right on the river and it’s right beside a cool playground with REAL bathrooms and tennis courts!

My family likes to go to the playground early in the morning and play until the spray park opens around 10.  Then we have a little snack and run in the water to cool off.  After the kids are exhausted, we go over to the grassy, shaded area and eat our picnic lunch.  By the time we finish eating the kids are mostly dried and ready to head home.



Our community has several bike and hiking trails that anyone can use for free.  Take your family for a walk or a bike ride away from the busy city streets.



Some zoos like the St. Louis Zoo are free to the public.  That is a great zoo too!  We love to visit it.  Check out their website for more information.


Skating Rinks:

There are lots of places that offer a free day each month.  Our local skating rink is one.  They have one day each month that you get in free with a church bulletin.  There are other places like Wather’s in Evansville that offer free mini-golf for A’s on your kids’ report card.  Even the children’s museum in Evansville offers a free day each month for families.  Make some calls or stop in to see if your favorite place offers a special.


Movie Theaters:

Most movie theaters around the US offer special family friendly movies in the summer.  They bring in older movies like The Lorax and sell tickets for a seriously reduced price.  Ours in Henderson shows movies on Wednesday mornings at 9:30.  Ticket prices are $1 and they run a special on the kids’ snack packs too.


My family loves to get out and do extra stuff during the summer.  Does your family do something you’ld like to share?  Add it to the comments.  Maybe I’ll add it to the post.