School’s Back!

Today was day three of our school year and my first day back at volunteering at my youngest two children’s school.  I love helping out at their school because it makes them feel special and important enough to their mom to have her take time out of her day each week to help their teachers and school.


There’s something else though.  Today, I was headed to the copy room and I walked down the halls.  I could hear the teachers’ voices as they taught and the kids answering question or asking them.  There’s something about that sound.  It is so beautiful to my ears.  I wonder if I will ever get tired of it.  It was funny today because Mr. Goad (I don’t usually mention our teachers by name but I just HAVE to today.) was teaching a lesson with LEGOS!  I am so not kidding!  I love that.  He worked really hard to get a special grant and now he is able to use Legos as a teaching tool in his classroom and the kids love it!


Maybe we could take this moment to list in the comments something you saw/or heard a teacher doing today!