My Birthday

I had a really nice weekend.  It was my birthday.  I turned 41…that’s right 41.  It’s funny but I take time each year to revisit my life for my birthday.  It’s a little gift I give to myself.

This past year has been a hard one in many aspects.  This Wed will be the one year anniversary of my niece, Kasey’s, death.  It is hard to think back over the year without thinking a lot about her.  And I found out today that a friend that has been battling cancer for the past 6 years lost her battle on my birthday.

These things are reminders to me that life is not something to put off.  I live it every moment.  For me that doesn’t mean that I climb the highest mountains or skydive.  It doesn’t mean that I travel the world and see everything it has to offer.  For me, living my life means spending time, real time, with my kids and husband so that I will never say, “I wonder if he/she knew that I loved him/her.”  It means that I am trying to breath in the joy God has surrounded me with and the pain.  It means being happy with what there is before me.  Being grateful for the wonderful, perfect family God has blessed me with.  Sometimes it means I take the time to read a book with Timmy and Sammy or play cards as a family or lay in bed with Emily or Andrew and talk.  Sometimes it means having dinner with m best, most amazing friend, Kristen, because we miss one another.


Tell me what you do to be present in your life and truly live!