Let’s Honor Teachers

Everyone has had that rotten teacher that made you feel like crap or just seriously sucked at their job.  There are plenty of those out there but we’ve all had that teacher that loved teaching.  That inspired you to be a better student…to be a better person.

I had lots of both.  And they all wrote on the slate of who I became but the good ones changed what I told myself when I was alone.  The bad ones told me I wasn’t smart.  But those good ones came later and they fixed it.  The teachers that made the greatest positive impact on my life were both high school English teachers in Deer River, MN.

Mr. Petrich was the first teacher to ever tell me that I was smart and capable of getting good grades.  He encouraged me to stand up for myself and to ask for help when I needed it.

Then came Mr. Nynas.  Some of my friends and I called him Dad.  He insisted that I always work hard, even when I didn’t think I could do any better.  He taught me to think of myself as a work in progress instead of a finished product.

Today, let’s take the time right now to honor that special teacher in your life.

Tell us about you special teacher in the comments below.