Indiana’s New Unemployment Requirements

So, I was reading the news briefs this morning and found one about Indiana’s new law on unemployment benefits that is taking affect soon.  The new law requires that everyone go to this special office called WorkOne and receive training, etc.  I like to read the comments because they often entertain me.  The comments were very interesting for this article.

One person suggested that the law should have included drug testing and a requirement for community service.  At first I thought the same things that other people posted, these aren’t criminals!  Then I started to think about that community service idea.  One comment suggested that it would be great if people that were looking for jobs used their skills or learned new ones through volunteer work and unpaid internships.  That got me really thinking.  Studies show that people who volunteer feel better about themselves and the world around them.  Volunteers are happier people.

Maybe that angry person that thinks everyone that needs public assistance of any kind is lazy and uses drugs is on to a good idea.  Just maybe (even though the vast majority don’t fit that profile) it would be a great thing to require some sort of volunteer work for those that are on unemployment or other assistance programs.  Not everyone could do this due to physical limitations, etc. but most could.  People with children could bring their little ones along.  What would our world be like if more people put themselves aside and focused on others with greater needs than their own?

So that everyone understands, my own mother had to use welfare programs when I was a child.  I think the program is broken but that is not the fault of those in the greatest need.  Those of us in this country need to do our research and start electing public officials that stand for what we want our country to honestly be instead of just  voting based on religion and political affiliation.

Want to know what some of my suggestions to fix this are?  Check it out!

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