I watched the news again!

Seriously!  This is another one of my rants so hold on to your hats!


I got so angry this morning when I listened to a woman in her fifties or sixties giving an interview.  She wrote a book but the story wasn’t about her book.  She was brought in to comment on another story.  A story about young, educated women that, after finishing their degrees decided to become nannies.  I was a nanny!  It’s wonderful and by far one of the best things I’ve ever done.

So when asked what this author thinks about this new trend, she responds by saying that it’s great that in this economic uncertainty young educated women can find good paying jobs but she hopes that things will turn around soon so that they can go on to get real careers.  AND when asked if she didn’t think these young women’s education made them better suited for this profession, she said that she hoped that they were learning new skills that would help them have careers in the future.  The interviewer gave this lady another chance by asking her if she didn’t feel that feminism wasn’t really all about women having the CHOICES to do what they really want to do with their lives.  The author did admit that it was but couldn’t help adding that she hoped young educated women of the future would reach for loftier goals!!!!!!


Honestly!  Is there any greater goal than to want to help and care for those in need?