She: Five-Minute Friday

Today’s Five-Minute Friday prompt is She.  If you aren’t familiar with Five-Minute Friday you should check it out.  Basically, there’s a writing prompt (given by Lisa JO Baker) and everyone writes on that word for five minutes, no editing, etc.  Then we link-up and share what we’ve written.  It’s fun, challenging and very interesting to read where others have gone with the word.


When I think of SHE, I think about all of the women I’ve had on my life.  There have been so many!  Some of them have made huge impacts on my life while others have come and gone.  Most of the ones that made an impact probably don’t even know it.  Maybe they don’t even remember me!

Most importantly though, is my daughter.  Just yesterday she was saying that she’s sad that she is going off to college next year and we won’t be together every day.  I told her it would be okay.  We’ll talk on the phone everyday for a while.  then she’ll get busy and forget to call.  Then it’ll be onc a week then she’ll forget to call.  She said that was sad but I told her it isn’t sad at all!  She’s growing up and she’s special.  Her life is before her and she can’t stay here with me forever.  She will go out there and keep living… 

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