Parents! Be Safe!

I am so annoyed that parents aren’t don’t follow simple safety rules to protect their own children and other children!  I drop my youngest two off at school every morning and today was really bad.  First there were four cars dropping off at the entrance of parent drop-off instead of at the proper location.  Several of them turned around, blocking other cars and drove out the entrance so that they didn’t have to do through the rest of the line.  This is seriously dangerous!  Our school is on a highway!  Cars , when they slow down, are going 45 mph.  That entrance is also the one that the busses use to get to their spots.

THEN, I saw a man with his very little boy in the front seat of his car and not even seatbelted or in any kind of a child restraint seat!  He was pulling out of his driveway.

I am truly saddened by the number of parents that don’t use child restraint seats for their kids.  I really want to know how they keep getting away with it.  I know someone that says she hasn’t used one for her two kids since they were three years old.  The law in our state is age 8.

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