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That’s a heavy word.  Laundry is time consuming and cumbersome.  there’s the washing.  The drying.  The folding/hanging.  THe putting away.

I love doing laundry though.  I know it is really crazy but I look at each piece.  I know the person it belongs to…the person that wore it.  I mean I really know them.  I smile when I fold.  I think about my kids and husband.  I think about what they did while wearing this shirt or that favorite pair of socks.

Our laundry speaks volumes about us.  I have three family members that wear white socks of some variation and two that ONLY wear colored socks.  It sure makes the matching easier but it also reminds me that they are so different…so special.

3 thoughts on “Laundry

    • Thank you. Folding their laundry seems like such a simple task but it is a reminder of their uniqueness and who they are as people.

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