New Feeding Guidelines for Introducing Foods to Baby

Do you know when to introduce nuts and cow’s milk to your new baby?  There are new guidelines for introducing babies to high allergy foods.  It’s crazy but now doctors are saying that they had it wrong all along.  The exposure to things that are likely to cause allergies before the first year reduces food allergies.  This is something we already knew about pets.  Kids that are exposed to animals in the first year tend to NOT have allergies to those animals.

So the new guidelines tell parents to introduce high allergy foods to babies earlier, starting as early as 4-6 months of age to reduce the likelihood of children developing food allergies.  This new information is interesting to me (even though my babies aren’t babies anymore) because it’s what I did with my own kids.  See, food gets really boring to me.  I hate serving the same thing over and over.  When my kids started eating baby food, I stuck with the one thing at a time rule but waited about a week and then went to another new food.

The new rules are that you should introduce a wide variety of foods to your baby beginning around 4 months old.  Parenting Mag.  Remember to introduce only ONE new food at a time and to give it several times before moving on.  If you do more than one for at a time then you don’t know which one caused the problem.

I like to check for LOTS of information so here’s a great site to get your info from.  There are still sites that many people go to for reliable information that have outdated information.  One is WebMD.  I was very surprised by his but it had information that had been changed in 2008!  So look around and make sure you use the most accurate information.  Don’t just listen to bloggers (like me) or even your mom or doctor.  Do research.  The health of a baby is so important!