US Government Shutdown

This may seem like I’m oversimplifying this thing but here’s my solution.

Separate each issue.  No more combo deals.  No more, “If I agree to this then you have to agree to that.”

1.) Sit down and agree on raising the debt ceiling.  That one is a no brainer.  Do it so that the issue won’t have to come up again for 3 years.  Done!

2.) Now, the next thing is reopening the government.  Put everyone back to work and PAY them.  No back pay.  Sorry but we need to stop paying people for work they didn’t do.  Just agree to put people back to work.  Done!

3.) Everyone agrees that Social Security is either going to work or its going to be stopped.  If it is going to work then there needs to be a team that sits down and decides how to fund it, age it kicks in, etc.  When that team comes to a decision, EVERYONE ELSE AGREES.  Period.  Let’s be honest, everyone is not going to agree to everything.  That’s why we have representatives that run our government.  If it was possible to get 300 people to agree on something without any issues then Evansville wouldn’t have the problems that they do.  Let congress choose people from their own sides to represent them and then agree that whatever agreement the team comes up with is going to pass.