Sammy’s Dream

So, last night, Sammy woke up around one a.m.  He called for me and I went into his bedroom to see what was wrong.  He says, “I had a bad dream!”  I sat next to him stroking his head and asked if he wanted to tell me about his dream.  He starts telling me about it:

I was hungry and I asked Dad to get me an apple.  He got me one but he didn’t notice that it had a little, tiny, black hole in it.  He started to cut it up for me and the little black worm fell out.  Daddy didn’t notice though.  Then the worm fell in my mouth and I accidently swallowed it!  I looked everywhere in my bad but there’s nothing squishy there.  I feel like I swallowed something too!


Sammy is six and has a great imagination.  I eventually convinced him that it was only a dream and he didn’t swallow any worms.  I got him a drink of water and snuggled him in his bed until he felt better.  Then he told me it was time for me to go back to my own bed like I was in there bothering him!  He is so fun!


Then today, on the way to school he said his tummy hurt and he should just stay home.  I told him to try to make it at school and I would come and get him if he wasn’t any better.  The nurse called about twenty minutes after I dropped him off and said he was throwing up!  I went to get him and he says, “I told you I was sick.”  He threw up twice in the van on the way home (We live about six minutes from his school.).  We have been home for almost an hour and no other signs of illness.  As usual!  He throws up every now and then in the morning and then he’s fine the rest of the day.