Killing Kennedy

It’s Topic Tuesday! 

The 50th anniversary of the murder of JFK is coming fast and everyone is talking about it.  That made me think that there are some of you out there that might be interested in learning more about it.

I love reading…especially about history and real people.  So I got the book Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly.  Disclaimer:  I honestly don’t like Bill O’Reilly so I was not ever planning to read anything that he wrote.  Then I saw an interview with him when his newest book, Killing Jesus, came out and he promised his books were nothing but facts.  That intrigued me.  Could Bill O’Reilly actually stick with the facts?  No interjecting his religious and political views?  I wanted to see (or read) that.  Sadly, our public library didn’t have a copy of it yet.

Sidebar:  The Henderson Public Library is staffed by many amazing people.  Talk to any of them and they will do everything they can to help you find or get what you’re looking for!  I wanted Killing Jesus so I asked one of the ladies and she helped me look for it.  When we were searching, she told me about the Killing Kennedy book.  She loved it and suggested I read it while I waited.  And THAT is how I ended up reading a book about Kennedy, a man I have never thought highly of.

Guess what?  I loved it!  Killing Kennedy was fantastic.  It was very factual and well backed up.  I even watched a PBS presentation of Kennedy’s murder to see how they lined up.  The thing is that O’Reilly and Martin Dugard did a wonderful job of telling the reader about the actual people involved.  I was often left nauseous by the honest details of JFK’s adulterous lifestyle.  I was angered by the way he treated his wife with so much disrespect.  Very little of it was truly new to me but I had no idea the extent for his affairs.  I have often heard that, had he not been murdered when he was, Kennedy would have brought down his own presidency.  Instead Johnson was left to clean things up.  But, don’t let me get started on him!

In the end, I’m glad that I read it.  O’Reilly was true to his word and it honestly is a great read.  Lots of history and real life in it.  I suggest everyone read it (over 14 years old, of course)!  You might even want to buy your own copy.  I’m telling you there is a lot in there.