White Santa

There is so much controversy about what race Santa is.  I have a few comments on this crazy topic.  To some people, they might seem harsh or insensitive.  Before you tell me about how terrible I am, please read the entire post.

First, Santa is pretend!  Seriously, he is a storybook character.  He is white because that’s the man in the story.  So is Pippi Longstockings and Anne of Green Gables.  Dora and Diego are Latino.  Sid the Science Kid is African American.  In order to tell your child that Santa is a different race, you have to tell him/her that Santa is pretend.  Which, as you probably know, is what we have done.  My kids don’t care what color Santa’s skin is because he is a character like Frosty and the Power Rangers.  IF you’re interested in how we do Christmas, check it out.

Second, why does Santa have to be sooo important in your child’s life that he/she feels bad that Santa is a different race than your child?  Stop giving a character so much power in your child’s life.  You’re the parent.  Take control.  Tell your child that Santa is pretend, just like Frosty.  You are really Santa, tell your child the truth:  You think about them, love them, and search for the perfect gifts all year long to show your love for him/her.  You take the time to wrap the gifts and spend your own hard earned money on those gifts to make your child feel special.  Teach your child that Christmas is about showing you love and appreciate someone, not about presents.  Then get your child in on the real joy of Christmas and gift giving.  Have your family play “Santa” to someone else.  Give your children the best gift of the season, the lessons about giving, receiving, and loving people regardless of their race.  Start a new tradition and refocus your Christmas.

Last, tell your child that there are lots of different races.  Everyone is different and special.  There literally are no two people that are exactly the same.  People act, look, and sound different.  It’s okay.  It’s better than okay!  It’s fantastic!  If you still feel like your child does not have enough positive role models of a variety of different races,  start looking for more.  You are your child’s best, most important teacher.  Give them the life perspective you want them to have.

And Merry Christmas!