It’s time for Five-Minute Friday again!  On Fridays, LisaJo gives writers a prompt to write on for five minutes straight.  No corrections.  Just straight-up raw writing.  You can give it a try too! 

LisaJo gave us the prompt:  Fight


Fight is a big word.  There are times when I think I have no fight left.  There are times when I have to understand that the fight isn’t mine.  That’s how I felt this past week.  You see, I struggle with watching people that I care about getting the raw end of the deal.  It’s even worse when they are okay with it.  I want to shake them and scream at them.  Then I have to remember that it isn’t my fight.  If they wanted to change their lives, they could do it.  It isn’t my fight and I have to let it go.

The problem is that I honestly can’t stand by and watch people self destruct so I have to stay away.  I have to stop looking and stop being a part of it.  I have to decide to love them from afar and ignore the choices they make.  That’s extra hard when it’s someone you want to be close to.