Not so Random Acts Of Kindness

I am really loving that so many people are reaching out and doing random acts of kindness and touching the lives of so many strangers.  Here’s a thought though:  How about we make our acts of kindness not so random?

Let’s reach out to the people around us in a new and exciting way in 2014!  Let’s be intentional in our kindness.  Let’s make it a habit. 

I have some ideas of my own but I want to give you a few examples of people I know doing exactly this.

My husband has mowed the yard of an elderly lady for several years now.  We have never excepted payment and we have also been known to go visit and work in her garden or take care of her home while she is away.

We have friends (who will remain nameless unless they share) who’s young daughter saw homeless people and it inspired her to want to help them in a real way.  She is very young so there wasn’t much she could do.  She and her sister and friends got together and created “gift bags” if you will filled with supplies like lightweight, nonperishable foods, water and other items a person in that situation would need that she could provide.  She understands that it isn’t going to fix their problems but it fills a need physically and emotionally.  Every time she hands out a bag, she is showing the love, compassion, and grace that Jesus Christ shows us.  Her parents keep these bags in their car so that she can give them out whenever she sees a person in need.  What an incredible blessing she is!

It reminds me of my own daughter when she was three years old.  We went to a church meeting where someone spoke about the 2Cents a Meal program.  She was devastated to learn that children in our own community went hungry.  Right then she decided to feed them and sent money to the program long after we moved away.

I’m asking everyone that reads this post to think about a person or persons that need your help and be intentional about helping.  If a three year old can help to change a life, then so can you!

I’m talking simple things that don’t have to cost any money either.  Mow the yard of someone that can’t.  Give flowers to someone that’s having a not that great day.  Help someone carry their groceries.  Shovel someone’s sidewalk.  Give someone standing in the rain your umbrella.

I want to hear what you and your friends and family are doing too.