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On Friday’s, LisaJo Baker hosts Five-minute FridayShe give a prompt and everyone that wants to writes on that word for five full minutes.  NO editing.  Just pure writing.  Then we link together and get to check out what everyone else had to say.


Go: Visit…It’s such a beautiful word.

A visit isn’s that same thing as a chat or a get together.  It’s real.  It’s you and a close friend talking about life…sharing, loving holding each other up through the tough stuff.

A visit warms your heart.  It reaches into your soul and deposits bits of joy there that grow into blossoms.  A visit is kind, gentle, loving, thoughtful.  A visit can heal your hurts like the gentle kiss of a mommy heals a boo boo.  A visit pulls you into life with someone that listens…someone that loves you.  A visit stays with you and wraps around you, protecting and comforting you.


7 thoughts on “Visit with Five-Minute Friday

  1. Visiting from the link up. Yes a visit can heal us in ways we never imagined. Beautiful write up lady! Have a great weekend.

  2. Agreed – a visit is so much more than just an appointment. It’s a true connection that stays with you even after the other person leaves. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

    – Melissa

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