It’s Five-Minute Friday and today’s prompt really resonates with me today.  Hero


Yesterday, a young man from my older children’s school got hit by a car driven by a fellow student.  It was a horrible and tragic accident.  I don’t know the details of the accident but we are told that the boy is brain dead.  And I think about heroes.

The family of that boy needs a hero!  I’m sure that they are devastated.  To be planning for your child’s graduation one minute and then his funeral the next requires heroic strength.  To move forward in their lives will require the whole family to be heroes.

Then their is the child that hit him.  A new driver, just starting out alone.  That child’s family will have to be incredibly brave to help their child through this.  This child will need a hero.

So many lives changed for ever….I’m praying for them all.  Please join me.  Pray with the strength of real life heroes, not the fake ones we see on TV, but the real life ones that give so much for their own strength, love and courage to help others.


5 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Such a sad day for two families. They will indeed need a hero. I hope they find that hero in Christ. He can bring meaning to the senseless and the unfathomable I am definitely praying with you for these families and the child that hit the young man. I pray that all involved find peace and love in the midst of this tragic situation. Thank you for being so loving and sharing this today.

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