Sick of Snow Days? 10 ways to bust the boredom!

Sick of snow days?  Need something to do with your kids while you’re all trapped inside AGAIN?

I thought I would share some of the things that I do with my kids on snow days.

The first thing is that I still restrict electronics time.  I know that it seems really easy to just let them “veg” more.  I mean, they are out of school, right?  Wrong.  In the long run it makes your life harder so bite the bullet right away and say no.

1.) Get out your board games – have a marathon or play for a prize (winner picks what’s for lunch)

2.) Grab a chapter book and read it out loud together.

3.) Look at photo albums/pictures of your family

4.) Do a photo shoot of your own complete with props – dress in crazy outfits

5.) Throw a beach party or other themed party – remember to dress up!  Dance parties or a red carpet theme are fun.

6.) Find a map and pick a place to research (good use of the internet!)

7.) Do science experiments and I don’t mean the mold growing one!  Try boiling and egg, let it cool.  Then peel it.  An adult should light three matches and toss them into a glass drink bottle (the mouth should be a little smaller than the egg) and quickly place the egg on top.  The egg will get sucked into the bottle.

8.) Write and illustrate a story together.  First write down your story then have your kids draw the pictures and add the words to the bottom of the pages.

9.) Have a pretend camping trip.  Make a tent in one room and a pretend camp fire.  Gather the things your family would need for a camp out.  After camp has been put together, go for a hike through the “forest” ie your house.  Look for wild animals and remember to stop and pick the wild berries for a special treat!

10.) Turn your kitchen into an art studio.  Use paints, markers, play-doh….whatever you have handy.  Even window markers are great!