Raise Minimum Wage? What Say You?

I keep reading and listening to everything I can about the idea of raising minimum wage nationally.  I don’t honestly know where I stand.  I really like the idea that people can earn a living wage.  I Democrats have a very reasonable and valid point that people need to be able to earn a wage that makes working worth the effort. 

It is true that you can currently live on government subsidies and make as much as you would working full-time at minimum wage.  That seems crazy to me.  I can also understand the Republican side that people aren’t supposed to want to stay at minimum wage jobs for their entire lives.  It is the way things are these days though. 

I know that our community doesn’t have enough higher paying jobs for people that want to move into them.  We are a small community and you would have to have a car and be able to afford to drive pretty far to get a higher paying job for most of the people living here.  I’m a substitute teacher for our district and, though it works great for our family’s needs right now, it doesn’t pay enough to live on even for one person.


What do you say???