Small can be Huge!

Today is Five-Minute Friday.  On Fridays, I link-up with some really wonderful people on LisaJo Baker’s site to write together.  Together, we do something small, we write for five minutes without stopping and spill our hearts.  LisaJo gives us a prompt and we write.


Today’s Prompt?

Put the Small things together and they make something great!

Put the Small things together and they make something great!


It’s the small things that really matter in life.  The bacteria that organisms feed off of.  The healthy eggs and sperm that join together.  The small breeze that brushes across your body as you work in your garden.  The tiny fingers and toes that you count to be sure they’re all there.  The little laugh you hear from the other room as your children play together.  The penny you found on the ground.  The small smile on a person’s face as they see that you understand them…hear them and see their need.

Small are the bottles of water  and packages of cracker that small hands give to the hungry.  

Small, everything starts there and grows.  Feed it, nurture it, protect it and it will grow.


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