Topic Tuesday: Paternity Leave

Paternity leave.  I have always thought it was a great idea.  In the next few weeks I will be subbing for a teacher that is taking is to be home with his wife and new baby.  The thought brought tears to my eyes when he told me and I couldn’t help but tell him how wonderful I thought it was.  He thanked me and confessed that there had been other people that had teased him and even told him it was ridiculous.  Many dads are told that they will be “in the way.”

I talked with a friend of mine about it and she told me that she couldn’t have been happier that her husband had been able to take a week off with each of their children’s births.  I have yet to talk to a mom out there that doesn’t want her husband to commit himself to his relationship with his child.  I believe the commitment begins during pregnancy and includes delivery and onward.  Dad’s should be just as present in their children’s lives as moms. 

Paternity Leave:  A beautiful gift every family deserves.

What do you think???