My Concern With the Social Security Office Procedures

Today was a big day for my oldest son!  He got his learner’s permit!

The day started out interesting and just got more crazy.  That’s what I want to talk about, though.  I’m very proud of my son and his many accomplishments but this post is about calling on our government to truly protect children.

I misplaced his social security card and had to go over to the SS office to order a new one.  I brought his birth certificate, my ID and several other documents to prove I was his mother.  Then they told me that the document they needed was a signed and dated copy of his….vaccination record!!!!

Are you going, “WHAT???”  Like I was?  Well, that’s right.  They needed a copy of my son’s shot record to prove that he is still alive and is who he says he is.  Mind you, the boy has a birth certificate, a school photo id, a library card.  But they wanted a shot record that ends in 2009 and is recorded by people that have never seen any document that could in any way prove he is who I have said he is.  Also, the doctor’s office needs nothing more than basic info to get those records.

My point is not to beat up the Social Security office, they are just following whatever rules were set up for them.  The ladies there were super friendly and incredibly quick.  The office was clean, quiet and pleasant.

My point is that, with so many children having their identities stolen, it should be WAY harder to get a copy of their Social Security cards and numbers!  I was even able to get a document immediately with his info on it to use until the actual card arrives in the mail (I gave them the address to send it to.).  They didn’t even need to see his birth certificate.  The lady explained to me that she didn’t need to see it because they only use birth certificates to get the first one.

What I’m saying is, we are using none secure documents to procure secure documents in order to obtain even more secure/official documents.  Doesn’t that make the secure/official documents poor proofs for our identity?