How did/do you choose a church?

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Today’s prompt:  Choose


My husband and I just had a long talk about choosing .

We are a fairly busy family and it’s really hard to have time together as a family and as a couple.  We have to choose.  We go to two different churches.  I keep asking my husband to choose one.  We love the people at one of them and they love us.  The other church gives our family opportunities to serve others.  But going to both churches takes our entire weekend AND time for prep during the week.  Plus our teens go to a third church for the youth program!

We are struggling with choosing.  Each of us have a different opinion and my husband is deeply entrenched in both.  I think we should go to a completely different church that fits all of our needs.  I want strong, biblical teaching and we all want praise and worship music and a great kid’s program for our younger ones and a great program for our teens, plus a place for all of us to serve.

It’s hard to give up people that you love and that love you!  It’s also hard to step down from a position that you’re serving in because you know that they need you.

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  1. Hi I’m Sara, stopping by to visit on FMF. Wow. What a tough problem. It’s hard to know which church to choose when you love both. Good example of a tough choice. And one which has good things at both. Best of luck at your choice. I hope you can come to a decision soon!

  2. We are in a similar situation and praying about what decision to make. I know that I have been encouraged by other Christian women mentors to pray for my husband without telling him, don’t say anything or give your opinion, just pray that God leads your hearts together in a mutual decision. I will be praying for you in this decision. Would you pray for our family as well?

    stopping by from FMF

    Debra H. at

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