This morning I’m linking back up with LisaJo Baker and Five-Minute Friday where she gives a prompt and we write for five minutes.  No stopping.  No editing.  Just free and clear writing.

Today its FRIEND.



When I was a child, a friend was someone that you talked to at school, on the phone and on the weekend.  A friend was the person that you hung out with.

Now that simple word means so much more, and I realize that I have very few people in my life that hold that title.

Now, a friend is someone that tells you the truth in a loving way.  Someone that holds you when you cry.  Someone that loves you even when you’re a jerk.  Someone that encourages you.  Someone that knows you.

I mean really knows you.  There are things about me that only my husband knows.  You could ask the top 20 people closest to me and they would tell you that they really know me but they don’t.  My husband is the only person that has ever taken the time and put in the work it takes to know me.  To know my past…my present…my future.

He talks to me even when there’s nothing to say.  He listens even when I’m saying nothing and he knows my pain without asking.  He knows the pain of my childhood and he doesn’t brush it aside.  He is the ONLY person that is with me in my remembering on my mother’s birthday and the day of her passing.  I’m always sad around that time and he always knows why.  There isn’t asking, just hugs.  Even my kids don’t remember on their own and she meant the world to them.

He knows me.  He is a true friend.  The best friend and I thank God for him every day.

4 thoughts on “Friend

  1. Amen! A true friend does know everything about you and I also can say that I have very few that hold that title but I’m blessed by the ones that do! Blessed to be your FMF neighbor this week!

  2. I love it. I chose to write about my husband too. What a gift to have husbands in our lives who we can truly call our best friend. And I’m sorry for the loss of your mother- thankful to hear you have such a supportive husband.

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