What Do You Think?

As tornado season gets underway, a big issue is being talked about.  What to do with people’s beloved pets.  Should they be allowed in public shelters?  I have been reading a lot about this issue.  I understand that people LOVE their pets.  I understand that, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to protect your pet.

For me, though, I say no pets in shelters.  I realize that, for many, their pet is like a child to them but they aren’t really children and can be a huge safety issue.

Here’s why:

1.) People are allergic

2.) People are afraid of some animals

3.) There is only so much room, space goes to people first

4.) Animals can get into fights and hurt each other or the people around them

5.)Your pet might be fine but someone else’s might not; you can’t pick and choose

The last reason is the biggest for me.  It is like religion in schools and government…you have to let them all in or none.  That means the huge dog that is a known biter has to be let in with the geeko in a cage.  People’s safety is the point of the shelter.

My solution to this problem:

Pet owners need to think ahead and plan for the safety of their pets.  If you can’t shelter at your own home, find out where you can take shelter.  Maybe a family member or a neighbor could shelter you and your pet.  You should have a cage for your pet if your local shelter does allow pets (you should know this in advance) and be sure to have your pet spend time each week in that cage so that it is not a new place.  Your pet should stay in the cage the entire time you are at the shelter.  That is for your pet’s safety.  If your plan is to shelter in a different location, be sure to take your pet there frequently.  Your dog or cat should be used to strangers and loud noise so be sure to socialize them well.  The fewer surprises for your pet, the better.  Animals, like people, get stressed in certain situations so be sure that they are familiar with as much of it as possible.

Please remember that storms can be incredibly frightening for pets.  Plan ahead and be prepared so that they can weather the storm safely.  For more suggestions on how to plan ahead for emergencies, please check out my other post on preparedness.