What Do You Think About Thank You Notes?

Do you send Thank You notes?  If you do, how and when do you do it?

I prefer in person Thank You’s.  If I can, I have our children thank the giver immediately in person.  If it’s something that they get in he mail, I have them phone the giver that day.  I no longer send notes unless it is from someone I don’t have a phone number for or won’t see in person.

Here’s why:

I send cards, gifts, etc. quite often and seldom even get acknowledgement that the package arrived let alone a thanks.  That makes me wonder if my/my children’s thank you notes are even received.  If we talk directly to the person/people that gave a gift to us, I know that they know how much we appreciated their thoughtfulness.  It also gives us a chance to connect with family and friends that are far away.  Of course, in person is my favorite!  I want people to know that I love that they thought of me.

What do you do?