Should Mike Anderson Serve His Time?

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There’s this man named Mike Anderson, maybe you’ve herd of him.  He robbed someone 14 years ago and didn’t go to jail because the district attorney thought he was already IN jail.  He went on to live a great life.  He straightened himself out, got a job, got married and had children.  Fast forward to today, he was supposed to be released from jail this year and, through that process, the courts discovered he had never GONE to jail.

Now Mr. Anderson claims that he shouldn’t have to serve his sentence.  His original reason, it wasn’t his fault that they never came for him.  I just saw an interview with him though and apparently, he was in the courtroom when the district attorney stated that he believed the defendant was already serving his time in jail.  Neither Mr. Anderson nor his attorney stood up to fix the error.  Anderson’s claim is that his attorney told him not to worry, they would figure it out eventually.

What I think:

He needs to be punished, for both the robbery and the deliberate deception for the courts.  I don’t think it is in his or his families best interest anymore to put him in jail for 13+ years but he should be made to serve some time and have further punishment.  You can not just decide NOT to serve your time.  In my mind, that is the same as escaping from jail.  He knew what the right thing was and he chose not to do it.  It’s great that he went on to become a great dad, husband and citizen but he still committed a serious crime.

I prefer helping people get their lives on the right track through great programs instead of lengthily prison terms.  Still, he was sentenced and should have to face his punishment.


What say you????

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