Five-Minute Friday: Mess

It’s Friday again!  As our household prepares for prom, I am taking a few minutes to write with the amazing LisaJo Baker and Five-Minute Friday.  She gives us a prompt and we write for five whole minutes; no stopping, no editing.  It’s refreshing.


Today’s Prompt?


Mess….that’s my life right now.  Emily’s life is swamped these days and Timmy has soccer and everyone else is prepping for the end of the school year.  It’s busy and crazy and MESSY!  It’s also beautiful.  This mess that is my life is so beautiful and I am so grateful for it all.  For the pj’s cast away on the livingroom floor.  The bursting flower beds in desperate need of tending.  The overgrown grass.  The toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom sink.  The piles of laundry (hey!  at least it’s clean and folded!). 

Sometimes it’s overwhelming and I sit and stare.  But today, I am embracing it and working through it.  Grateful that my children are safe, healthy and happy.  That we have a home to leave messy.  That we have jobs to go to and safe schools to learn in.

I am incredibly blessed!  I guess today I ended up counting my blessings!  Thank you LIsaJo!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Mess

  1. So many people have traded in their “fine” when we ask how they are. Now they say, “busy”. And it’s true, but you’re right in this post. We may be busy but it’s in all the right things which leaves us feeling incredibly blessed instead of simply worn out. Shoot. We are going to be worn out no matter what, right? May as well have purpose to back it up.

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