Topic Tuesday: Cliven Bundy

Okay, so it’s not Tuesday but this really got me upset so I had to write about it.

Have you heard about the rancher in Nevada that is fighting the Feds, Cliven Bundy?  If not, then here’s an article.  I am really upset!  Here’s this guy that thinks its his RIGHT to use OUR land for his own cattle.  Other ranchers pay a fee and that money goes to take care of the land (FYI it’s also the home of a protected species).  He isn’t paying his fees or taxes.  That means he is STEALING from me and you and everyone else in this country!  Besides that, he has gotten himself a heavily armed militia that is lining the roads and scaring his neighbors and others that travel that highway.  He keeps talking about HIS rights but what about the rights of everyone else?  And now, people are afraid to stand up to Bundy because they fear the militia.

I’m angry and I don’t even live there. And that’s before his racist comments about people of color!!!

Share your thoughts in the comments.  It is an emotional topic for many so please remember to be respectful.  Thanks!