Mother’s Day 2014

My Mother’s Day was less than perfect.  You see, I’m a motherless daughter.  Mother’s Day is always very difficult for me especially because my mother’s birthday is today (the day after Mother’s Day).  It is sad, heart wrenching actually, to celebrate when I miss my mom so very much.  But then I thought about Kasey’s mom.  Kasey was her only child.  Tina will never get another one of those cards with a child’s handprint on it.  She will never get any card for Mother’s Day again.  She will have no Grandparent’s Day, no high school graduation, no wedding.  She is a childless mother.  Her heart must break all over again on this day.

We’re all in this together….the motherless and the childless.  If you visit a gave on Mother’s Day…if your heart longs for the smile, the voice of your mother or child…if the chance that you will see your loved one again in Heaven is your only comfort…I feel you today.  Whether you cried openly today or cried your tears silently, hidden behind your smile as you “celebrated,” I cried with you.

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