Real Dad’s Today

This coming weekend is Father’s Day!  Have you seen the dad video from Dove Men’s Care?????  Get your tissues!

Father’s Day is the time we celebrate fathers and fatherhood but it is also the time of year that we take stock of fathers.  We talk about moms all year long.  We talk about their importance and their needs.  Their challenges and their contributions to the world.  But dad’s pretty much get this week.

Then there are dads.  If you ever watch TV, movies, commercials…just about anything today, dads and lazy, or inept, or disinterested.  Dads are a mess.  They’re neglectful, abusive, nonexistent.  They don’t know how to take care of their own children.  Though there are many men out there that DO fit this (my father and all of my step fathers included) there are even more that don’t.

My husband is a wonderful father.  He changed diapers, cooks, cleans, does household chores without think they are “women’s work.”  My husband cares for our children when they’re hurt or sick.  Though I am their primary care provider, my children’s father is very involved.

So let’s start seeing men differently one dad at a time.  Let’s make the world see men for who they really are and encourage men that aren’t there yet to aim higher:  Tell us about your dad or husband or father figure in the comments here!