Illegal Immigrants

Topic Tuesday!

There are A LOT of misconceptions about the illegals in the United States.  Because I think that the only thing I should have to say to my fellow Christians is, “Are you thinking/acting like Christ?”  But, sadly, many people do not think about Christ when posting, sharing and talking about people they perceive have done something wrong.  As Christians, we tend to lean toward being the judge and jury instead of leaving that to God and following the examples that Christ gave us in the Bible.

So, I found a few REAL websites with ACTUAL figures that are not Republican/Rightwing or Democratic/Liberal.  I believe that, when we ditch out “political” agendas, we can exhibit Christ in a way that honors Him.  Add yours in the comments.  No propaganda sites though.  That includes any by political groups who’s only intention is to stir up trouble and get themselves elected.

Here’s a great one: The National Immigration Law Center 

Here is a hospital that provides care to many of the poor, including illegals. They have several pages on their site.   KHN