Monday Madness: How we learned about frogs

A wonderful friend of mine generously shared a few of the thousands of tadpoles that hatched on her pool cover earlier this spring with me.  She knows how much my kids and I LOVE science.  We had never gotten the chance to watch them turn into frogs before so we were very excited!

I bought two Beta tanks and read a bunch of stuff on the internet about how to care for tadpoles.  We bought fish food and live plants.  One of the sites said you could just get a weed from your flowerbed as long as it hadn’t been sprayed.  We did that at first but it died after just a days.  That’s when I realized that I needed to invest a little more money and bought aquatic plants at the pet store.  They were only $3 each so it wasn’t too bad.  I got one for each tank.

I had to clean the tanks every week and after three weeks, the tadpole started to grow back legs.  It took another two weeks before they had front legs but the change from front legs to climbing up the tank walls (turns out they were tree frogs) was 24 hours!

After discovering that we were not equipped to care for live frogs, we decided to release all of the frogs as they changed.

It was a wonderful experience for all of us and I would love to do it again next year.IMG_1449