Tackle it Tuesday: Tile Grout

I saw this post of Facebook on how to clean my grout.  I see lots of stuff on how to do amazing things on FB!  Some I try.  That’s right; I try them.  I stay away from those that sound too simple or fishy but I like to test some of them out.  So I saw this one:  IMG_1446I tried it.  I have no idea who Connie Sutton is or where she got her recipe but someone I knew shared it.  Well…at first it didn’t work at all.  I let it sit on the tiles for about fifteen minutes and then used an old toothbrush and scrubbed it.  It was not perfect like the picture but it worked almost as good at bleach and there were no nasty smells that chased us out of the house!  It wasn’t harsh on my hands either.

All-in-all, I give it an 8!  My grout didn’t look nearly as good as the picture but it does look tons better!  So THANK YOU, CONNIE SUTTON!


The middle is the part I cleaned with the spray and you can see the parts that I didn’t!